THE link between Keswick to Barrow Walk and Furness Dystonia Society goes back a long way.

In the early days of this support group the K2B were generous enough to donate money without the benefit of us having any walker teams.

A spokesperson for the Dystonia Society said: “This was fantastic for a very new support group and made a huge difference to us.

“However, attending the presentation evening year after year made us realise what an amazing event this was and provided a peep into the work and efforts of many other charities.

“We decided we wanted to participate and put up a small team of four who were in the “Waifs and Strays”.

“We went into it very naively and we were not very good at support to be honest. Only two of the four completed on that occasion but the bug had bitten.

“The year is hazy, but I think it was possibly 2003.

“This got the ball rolling and we had odd walkers taking part until in 2006 I took on the challenge myself.

“We had a team of two and my walk buddy left me at 5 miles and won 1000th walker home, it was a special year celebrating 40 years of the walk. I got in much later -13.5 hours, but I had done it! The seed was planted.

“We began to attract a following and we grew teams year on year out, raising some amazing amounts along the way-one year almost £10,000 which was phenomenal.

“The charity was able to use this for their support services for new patients, research projects and awareness.

“I have lost count of what we have raised over the years but it’s a lot!

“It is always hard work-organising teams more than the walk itself, but we make a difference and that’s what its all about.

“We are a small and little-known charity which means that this event is very important to us.

“This year we have five teams, and this will be our 15th year of proper engagement and can’t wait to be “Doing it for Dystonia” once more.

“Check out for information about Dystonia.”