KIDS did not let the weather stand in the way of their annual pancake race on Shrove Tuesday.

The children from Grasmere Primary School were undeterred by the recent storms, heavy rain and flooding, and the event went ahead very successfully.

Jonathan Smith, school business manager, said: “We do it every year rain or shine.

“It’s a lovely way to celebrate Shrove Tuesday”.

Despite the weather on Tuesday, the race went ahead as planned at the school on Stock Lane, Ambleside.

The pupils were divided into two teams who competed against one another.

The day was described as ‘a delight’.

“The rain and the cold did not matter for any of us," said Mr Smith.

"It didn’t matter a jot.

“The kids really loved it”.

“It’s a really traditional event and it is very important for the social fabric of the school and the community.

"It creates a lot of collective memories for both staff and pupils that we will carry with us for a long time to come.

The children of Grasmere school have been known to brave the elements during race and event days.

This was shown in 2017 when they raced in the snow.

Shrove Tuesday has always been an important annual tradition to follow for the school as part of its strong faith-based foundations.

Unfortunately, not everyone was able to host events such as this on 'Pancake Day'.

A Troutbeck community pancake race set to go ahead on the same day, however, had to be cancelled due to extreme weather and the conditions.

The traditional Shrove Tuesday pancake race normally sees dozens of residents race in the streets and having a ‘flipping good time’.

The event was meant to begin at 2.30pm in High Fold in Troutbeck.

However the event was cancelled for safety reasons.

Tony Legge, town crier, said: “Although it was sunny in spells, the ground underfoot was very wet with quite a lot of loose gravel, and we didn’t want to have people breaking legs and arms.

"The inter-hotel race gets very fierce, so we cancelled.

“But watch this space for next year!”

The race is set to return in 2020.

The Cumbria area experienced days of flood warnings, heavy rain and strong winds this week, causing travel disruption and in some cases, school closures.

Grasmere Primary School however vows to stand by its traditions and have a flipping good time whatever the weather!