THERE are many times that I crave the olden days where kindness and caring was the norm and communities pulled together to help each other no matter the circumstances.

Many people didn’t have much but were happy, and rare crimes were petty compared to the present. Gone are the days where a clip round the ear and the threat of telling one’s parents from the local bobby was enough to deter the mischievous.

Listening to or reading the news is very distressing because it’s rare to hear or read about something good or positive. The world we live in today is cruel beyond belief. Bullying levels have soared to new heights, there are out-of-control stabbings, murders, terrorists crimes and so on. Even robbing people has become vicious and violent.

I personally blame a lot on political correctness going wrong, and technology: very good, but it is also a dangerous breeding ground for the wrong people. The fast world we live in today is another factor, where everything must be done yesterday, mainly due to greed.

At some point in our lives from school to adulthood each and every one of us will have experienced some form of bullying from mild to serious. I also feel certain the sickening feeling that came with that bullying made most people more determined to be a good person. For some, however, it would have had an adverse effect which led them to becoming bullies themselves.

I feel blessed in this cruel world we live in because I have amazing friends and family near and far in my life, who have over time and still do love and support me through good and bad as I do them: that’s what friendship is about. Feeling blessed as I do got me thinking about all the people out there that don’t have anyone in their lives or people that live in unmentionable circumstances behind closed doors that could do with help and support.

To the good people of today: if you don’t already do so, and regardless of age, let us start spreading the caring from our hearts around and try to make the world a better place.

If you see someone sitting alone as you go about your day whether it be school, work or in general, please take the time to go and sit next to that person and say hello, or smile in passing. You could be the only friendly contact they receive that day. Believe me when I say your small actions of kindness could make a huge difference to how they may be feeling. A little hope given to someone can save a life.

As the saying goes: “In a world where you can be anything, be kind."

Sue Just, Kendal