On Thursday, February 20 I woke up to find our property in danger of being flooded, with the lawn, driveway and pathways under water.

This, as we understand was due to a collapsed culvert in the locality.

As a family we constructed a temporary flood alleviation with help from a knight in shining armour (local neighbour). We went to the local South Lakeland District Council depot, collected some sandbags and within the next hour or so John Barwise and the team delivered some further bags.

It is at times like this the general public should appreciate the efforts of our local hard-working council employees.

On a different topic, the Government’s recent announcement to ban coal and wet wood is a disgrace.

For hundreds of years Westmerians and Cumbrians have fuelled open fires and stoves in our rural areas.

The environment secretary should reconsider the proposed law on this issue, which is fundamental to our rural life.

By the way, here in our county the Government is promoting a new coal mine.

R Dickinson