FIREFIGHTERS had to retrieve a free-floating boat on fire in Windermere close to ‘expensive yachts’.

The full-time fire crew from Kendal, along with on-call crews from Windermere and Kendal, were sent to Windermere Marina Village on Monday.

A boat in a private boathouse, which is not part of the marina, had set on fire as its owner attempted to start it.

The owner and a mechanic pushed the boat out onto the water to prevent the fire spreading to the boathouse.

Staff at Windermere Marina Village then moved any yachts and boats out of harm’s way.

Cumbria’s chief fire officer Steve Healey was out with the on-call firefighters as part of on-call awareness week at the time.

Mr Healey, who worked as an on-call firefighter earlier in his career, said: “On-call firefighters from Kendal and Windermere, plus Kendal whole-time working seamlessly to extinguish a boat on fire at Windermere Marina Village.

“Able to stop it spreading to some rather expensive looking yachts.”

Windermere Marina Village provides 400 berths for boats, cruisers and yachts up to a maximum length of 50 feet.

Managing director Jason Dearden praised his staff for following fire procedures correctly.

“The owner of the boat, and a mechanic, were attempting to start it when the fumes set on fire,” he said.

“They pushed the boat out to save the property and that’s how it ended up floating freely in the marina.

“We moved any boats that were in danger and after the fire was put out we removed the boat from the marina by the slipway to prevent pollution.”