WITH reference to previous letters on flooding and the River Kent, surely a solution to the problem would be to take away Nether Bridge, which holds back the flow, with a third to a half of the stream being blocked by bridge supports, and replace it with a single span.

This would be cheaper than the proposed flood protection scheme and does not involve cutting down trees and erecting barriers, etc. This would speed the flow through the town and reduce the overflow risk.

I acknowledge that upstream slowing is also necessary, with damming and planting in the upper part of the catchment area, but this is not the only solution.

I also acknowledge it is an ancient bridge and people would be reluctant to see it go but I think we have to protect the residents of the town in these changing climatic conditions.

I live beside a very fast-flowing stream with a footbridge over it and I know how important it is to keep its three arches clear of debris, logs, etc each time it is in spate to stop it overtopping the bridge.

Judith Leigh