IN SEPTEMBER 2017, UK Prime Minister Theresa May and Japanese PM Shinzo Abe announced in Tokyo that the year 2019-20 would mark the Japan-UK Season of Culture.

During this period of enhanced relations, it was proposed by the Japanese private sector to supply around 5,000 Japanese sakura cherry trees across the UK as a symbol of friendship between the two countries.

As part of my involvement in the distribution of these trees, I can say we have secured many of them for parks and botanical gardens around the UK.

However, still having some left over, it has been decided to give them to schools.

I would therefore urge any head teachers in South Lakeland to get in touch with me.

We can sort the necessary form-filling out and apply for up to three trees, perhaps only one depending on stocks and varieties available at the time.

Trees will be supplied by the Cherry Tree Project entirely free of charge but planting and maintenance is to be the responsibility of the applicant.

However, I will personally plant and maintain trees for the first three years completely free of charge.

After that time the trees will be well able to look after themselves.

I hope that heads of schools will take advantage of this very generous offer.

Please get in touch with me by calling 015395-32741 or by sending an email to

Tom Peters