HAVE you noticed the change in weather patterns, the frequency of forest fires and earthquakes around the globe?

Mr Moore's letter on climate change (Letters, February 27, 'Doing nothing would be risky') is correct.

We are on the brink of what will eventually become an extinction event unless preventative actions are taken now.

The truth is that taking such actions is unlikely.

How many of us will stop using cheap air travel or using petrol/diesel vehicles for short journeys (or even stop car engines idling when parked outside schools and shops) ?

How many shops and supermarkets will stop using excessive packaging, especially plastics?

How many big businesses will cut down their emissions and pollution, and are governments around the world likely to make real and drastic changes to how their voters have to live and work? Not very likely, is it?

The truth is the planet will continue to exist, it's the people who over time will become extinct.

MG Marvin