MAYBE Covid-19 will do this increasingly over-populated world a favour as a pandemic.

The last great pandemic, Spanish flu, resulted in vast numbers dying; today’s pandemic will not have that effect.

However, now that flights have been suspended to the far-flung places so many people must go to on holiday, this will reduce emissions. Notably this effect was seen in China as a result of a no-fly ban during this present crisis.

However, even with the potentially positive effects from the two Cs, climate change will carry on while we humans are so arrogant as to believe we shall not become extinct! Extinction events happen, not many at the hands of mankind, but today’s perceived threat arises from the technological and scientific advances that came about as a result of the Industrial Revolution.

What is needed is a radical re-think about how we use all resources, including such things as smart technology and cloud computing, all of which use vast amounts of energy.

Mrs W Symington