IN RESPONSE to government advice, most groups and organisations in Crosthwaite have suspended their planned meetings and activities for the foreseeable future, and have informed their members.

DURING the current Covid 19 Emergency, the Community of The Two Valleys (Lyth and Winster) have formed a support group.

THERE is a team of willing volunteers able to offer help to anyone of any age who may need it.

This may be a listening ear, regular phone calls, practical help with shopping and collecting medication, setting up laptops, tablets and phones to enable people to engage with social media, maintain social contact, or anything else that people are unable to do, or need to do, as a result of taking precautions against the spread of the virus.

The group is being co-ordinated by Reverend Michael Woodcock.

Whether you need help now, or if you live alone and think you may need help in the future, should you become ill, please ring this number: 015395 68276

Please remember that even if you have family, friends and neighbours able to help you at present, they too may become affected and unable to provide support when you need it, so please register with the group even if your need is not immediate.

Your details will be taken, and you will be put in touch with a volunteer, who will then organise any help you may need.

It is important to stress that this group is offering practical support only, and cannot offer any medical advice, although volunteers can help you to access the most up to date advice as issued by the government and the NHS.

The volunteer group is operating through the Crosthwaite and Lyth group on Facebook, which can easily be accessed and joined.

Volunteers are available to help you with setting this up.

Joining the Facebook group does not give others access to any of your personal information, and it is a closed group, so only members can look at it.

By accessing the site, you will be able to follow local developments in real time, and interact with the community, which is especially valuable when social contact is suddenly limited as it is at present.