THERE could be an end in sight for temporary traffic lights causing queues around villages near Kendal.

The roadworks are scheduled to be complete on the A6 between Levens and Milnthorpe within the next two weeks.

The section of road has undergone reconstruction which has involved rebuilding the sides of the road which had become broken after previous flooding in the area.

This part of the road was closed off the majority of the time during the floods that occurred last month.

However this is subject to change as workers may not be allowed to work close together due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

The workers may be called to help a different service in a bid to fight the spread of coronavirus.

There is a contingency plan in place if this were to happen.

This would involve taking down the temporary lights and moving the cones and revisiting the worked at a more convenient time.

This would mean that drivers would not have to queue unnecessarily.