KENDAL College has moved to reassure students fearing they will miss out as a result of exam disruption brought on by the escalation of coronavirus.

The further education centre has announced it will offer places to students impacted by exam cancellations as a result of the pandemic.

Thousands of future students fear their prospective positions may be at risk as a result of the institutional shutdown that has been necessary to limit the spread of COVID-19.

This has been no different for students seeking to access professional qualifications or higher education in Cumbria.

In a statement, the college said it "will make sure that COVID-19 does not affect the chances of young people in the area".

Uncertainty surrounds the future of students at all education levels after the government announced the cancellation of exams followed by a minimum three-week lockdown.

As a result, students across the country have been left in limbo.

Kendal College announced it would shut its doors until April 14 at the earliest after schools and universities were instructed to close temporarily by government ministers last week.

It is predicted the shutdown may last as long as May, as public health experts warn the UK is some distance from reaching the ‘spike’ of the virus’ spread.

Commenting on the announcement that future students’ places would be safe at Kendal College, the college’s assistant principal, Richard Evans, said:

“We will ensure that no student will miss out on their place at college because of the coronavirus outbreak.

“Schools and colleges will use teacher assessments to provide calculated grades for students this year.

"So it’s important for young people to continue to study and follow the advice given by their teachers.

“Whatever happens, we will find the right course for you.

“If you wish to study at England’s number-one-ranked college, apply as normal online, and we’ll set up an interview via phone or video.”