CUTS to train services across Cumbria and the rest of the UK have been called the ‘best compromise’ in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak.

Tim Owen, chairman of the Lakes Line Community Rail Partnership, which supports the use and improvement of the service between Windermere and Oxenholme, said: “They are trying to downsize the (UK) service in order to keep things moving. At this moment in time it is essential travel only but people still need the trains to get to work.

“This is the sensible approach we need in an economic shutdown as we need to stop the spread of the virus.

“This is the best compromise providing it meets core requirements of the service.

“There is pressure on the train companies as well because there are less people using the train but less staff as well due to self-isolation.”

Robert Talbot, chairman of the Lakes Line Rail User Group, provided a summary of rail services passing through Oxenholme Station, Kendal, during the closure period:

- West Coast Mainline:

- One train every hour on its way from London Euston to Glasgow and one train every hour in the opposite direction.

- First train from Euston at 5.31am with last at 7.30pm.

- TransPennine Express northbound:

- A basic service is running every two hours from Preston to Edinburgh, although the first two trains of the day start from Manchester Airport and there is an additional train at 5.26pm from Manchester Piccadilly to Glasgow.

- Southbound: There is an Oxenholme starter to Manchester Piccadilly at 7.08am, while Lancaster has an extra train at 6.28am.

- The first service from Edinburgh departs at 8.12am, then runs every two hours until 8.11pm.

- Northern:

- The Windermere-Manchester Airport service continues to operate, but for a reduced length of the day, calling additionally at Leyland and Euxton Balshaw Lane.

- The first train from Manchester Piccadilly departs Oxenholme at 8.18am, returning at 9.09am from Windermere. It is running two-hourly until 6.56pm.

At weekends, the trains will operate at similar times, with the West Coast Mainline ceasing on Saturday evening and beginning later on Sundays as per usual.