A FARM worker is desperately seeking a way to leave New Zealand to help his dad who has tested positive for coronavirus.

William Irvine has been refused flights amid the worldwide lockdown and is worried about his father Alistair.

They both work on the family farm at High Wray near Ambleside and William said he needs to get back to help his dad look after their animals.

“Getting back home for me is really important as I’m a farm worker who has livestock to care for,” said William, 20.

“And also, my dad has tested positive for coronavirus and is struggling to keep up with day to day running of the farm on his own while he is ill. We are just about to start lambing on the farm which is already a stressful time of year for everyone and even more so now my dad has been ill. The added stress alone will not help his recovery.”

William travelled to New Zealand in September to work for an agricultural contractor for the summer season.

He and his friend Dan Kane, from Northern Ireland, met through work and are both now trying to get home.

“I had always planned to come home on Tuesday flying from Auckland via Singapore to Manchester,” said William.

“From the beginning of last week when we heard countries were closing borders we tried to get early flights home, we were refused flights and told our flight would be safe. On the day of departure I wasn’t allowed to board the plane due to transit issues in Singapore. With no more options we tried desperately to book other flights but airlines had raised their price up to £5000 for a flight that may not even get us home.

“The next day we went down to the British Embassy in Auckland where there were hundreds of people in the same situation as us.

“The embassy had closed the door on us all and wouldn’t help us, leaving us on the streets with no answers and nowhere to stay.”

New Zealand has now moved into a level four lockdown, forcing William and countless others to find accommodation.

“With no help or guidance from anyone we had to book a hostel for a month for the two of us, costing $13000 of money we really don’t have to spend,” he said.

“There are over 1000 British citizens stranded here with no help and a lot like us, with no money.

“We are all worried and desperate to get home.”