A VILLAGE was left "outraged" after a spate of vandalism on cars told visitors to ‘go home’.

Residents were shocked after graffiti urging visitors to leave the area was written on the side of two cars in Coniston.

The vandalism appeared after the government issued stricter rules on social distancing and avoiding tourist areas.

The graffiti, which reads ‘go home you are not wanted here’ reduced one of the motorists to tears - when she visited Coniston on Monday after losing her job.

Vanessa Woodbridge, who lives in the village, apologised on behalf of Coniston to the woman whose car was targeted.

“She was visibly upset,” said Mrs Woodbridge.

“She wasn’t even a tourist, she was from Millom and had just come for a walk to get her head together.

“Coniston is usually such a welcoming village which depends on tourism.

“I was embarrassed for the village.

"There is just no need for this disgusting behaviour.”

Mrs Woodbridge’s sister was also targeted the next day.

“She actually lives in Coniston so isn’t a tourist at all.

“She couldn’t believe what had happened.

“It’s quite frightening to think we’re living in a community with people like this.

“There is just no justification for this behaviour.”

Tracy Coward, councillor for Broughton and Coniston, said: “The tension has been rising with the amount of visitors over the weekend.

"The current instruction to stay at home is welcome.

“Coniston is a strong and friendly community and this type of vandalism is mindless at a time of national crisis when we should all be pulling together.”