AN eight year old boy has sacrificed his love of chocolate for Lent to raise funds for a hospice which looked after his gran.

Finley Goodyear from Kendal absolutely loves chocolate pudding and all things Cadbury but is giving them up to raise funds for St John's Hospice.

Finley's mum, Lynsey Goodyear, has been updating supporters of his progress with video clips on his Facebook fundraiser page everyday.

In one video Finley can be seen baking a chocolate cake for a school project, terming it the “ultimate test” as he was not allowed to lick any chocolate mix off the bowl or spoon. We’re very glad to say he passed the test!

Finley began his chocolate ban on February 26 and it continues until April 9.

He was inspired by a friend who last year gave up chocolate for Lent.

“He’s such a chocoholic he couldn’t believe anyone would be stupid enough to do it," said Finley.

"He wanted to try but last year he only managed a week.”

On finding out Finley wanted to give up chocolate again this year she suggested he do it for sponsorship.

Finley soon settled on St John’s Hospice who had looked after his grandmother 10 years ago before she passed away.

“It’s been quite hard but I'm doing well,” said Finley.

So far £1,000 has been raised with lots of support from the local area. However Finley would like to go even further and is hoping to raise £2,000.

"Everyone here at St John’s is so thankful and grateful to Finley and his incredible dedication and willpower!" said Chris Pilkington, community fundraiser at St John's Hospice in Lancaster, which provides specialist palliative care for a range of life-shortening illnesses.

"The amount of money he has raised is really amazing and will go towards the continuation of our key services."

Asked how he will be celebrating the end of his chocolate ban, Finley said: “I would like to eat as much chocolate as I can until I'm sick.”

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