CUMBRIANS are being called upon to take part in a brand new internet-based agricultural show which it is hoped can provide some welcome relief during the coronavirus pandemic.

‘The Greatest Online Agricultural Show’ will see competitors send in photographs of their prize animals to be voted on by the public - with guidance offered by expert judges.

It will help provide some diversion for Cumbrians who were looking forward to The Cumberland Show on June 13, after organisers announced they had decided to cancel it.

The online show is the brainchild of David Hill, an estate manager who lives in Newbury, Berkshire.

He described the response to the fledgling event, which has a Twitter and Facebook page, as "overwhelming".

“It was a bit sad to see all of these shows being cancelled," said Mr Hill.

"We as an industry love getting to these shows. It’s the big social event of the year really and it’s sad to see them not happening,” he said.

“I was half joking when I mentioned (an online show). What I have realised is the industry needs it. They want it. And so they’ll make it happen.”

In addition to sending in pictures of their animals, it is hoped the event can feature video demonstrations, whether these be live or pre-recorded. Mr Hill said people had expressed interest in running everything from cookery classes to beekeeping tutorials. Companies can also pay £10 to have their own ‘pitch’ which means their business will be advertised on the show’s soon-to-be-running website and will receive ‘shouts-outs’ on Twitter. The money received will go to charity.

Anyone wishing to get involved in the event on May 2 can message the show’s Twitter (@OnlineAgShow) or Facebook (‘The Greatest Online Agricultural Show!’) pages.

Mr Hill said he hoped to have a website, through which the show will be run and people can ‘log on’ to watch the event, set up within the next couple of weeks.