A PLAN to erect a 25 metre mast in Ulverston has been approved despite objections from the Woodlands Trust.

The lattice structure which is set to be placed in Slack Wood near Satterthwaite has been issued in order to deliver better connectivity to the area.

In the case planner’s report it said: “The Home Office are responsible for upgrading the Emergency Services Network (ESN) across England, Scotland and Wales to provide an integrated critical voice and broadband data communications service for the three emergency services (3ES).

“The chosen technology will meet the 3ES safety requirements for functionality, coverage, availability and security whilst also enhancing the commercial 4G network within each area.

“The ESN will replace the existing mobile radio system, Airwave, which cannot deliver the required broadband coverage needed by the 3ES.

“EE has been procured to deliver the network improvements providing coverage to those areas which are not currently covered.

“EE is looking at a number of sites across the Lake District and improvement works range from upgrading existing infrastructure to the installation of entirely new masts.”

This means that other similar plans could be put in place in future.

The Woodlands Trust objected as they said it does not comply with national planning policy.

“The Woodland Trust objects to the planning application on the basis of damage to ‘Slack Wood’ - an ancient semi-natural woodland designated as such on Natural England’s Ancient Woodland Inventory (AWI),” said a report.

There was no objection from highways or the parish council and the plans were approved provided that the scheme is completed within three years of the plans being accepted.

The work should not be carried out otherwise than in conformity with the submitted plans and details, and the lattice tower (not including the headframe and antennas), dishes and bracketry, cabinets and fences/gates should be finished in fir green prior to the facility first being operational.

The main reason for the proposed development is to provide coverage for the emergency services.

The applicants have submitted supporting information which demonstrates that there is not currently sufficient emergency service network coverage in place for the surrounding area.

The proposal also involves the installation of equipment cabinets, an electrical meter cabinet, a

generator within a chain link fence, and a satellite dish.