A MUM has revealed how she feared her seriously ill son could have died when he contracted coronavirus.

Pam Burton said she was worried for 17 year-old Reece who has a number of complex health needs.

The brave teenager from Askam developed symptoms of COVID-19 - including a high temperature - after minor surgery.

Although Reece was at high risk of developing complications from contracting the killer virus, he is now back home recovering.

Reece - who has cystic fibrosis, acquired brain injury and epilepsy - had just returned from hospital in Manchester when he became ill.

“He took poorly the day after we came home,” said Pam.

“He had a temperature of 39.4, he was shivering, sweating - he had a really high heart rate.”

Reece was taken to the children’s ward at Furness General during the early hours of Sunday, March 15. There, he tested positive.

“We’ve been told so many times with Reece that he wasn’t going to make it,” said Pam.

“So obviously it was the last thing we needed.

“He slept for about three days straight through, even when he was in the ambulance and at the hospital when they were putting cannulas in. But luckily, we caught it early and just after Reece’s lungs had been built up with the elective antibiotics he received in February.”

Reece was discharged after four days and returned to his home on Saves Lane where he has since been making a steady recovery.

“Every day he’s just getting stronger and stronger,” said Pam.

“I just really want to get through this second week - that’ll mean a lot psychologically.”

Ms Burton says Reece’s spirits have also been raised by the Leonard Cheshire Youth Centre’s live broadcasts, which the Walney centre has begun as the Government’s lockdown measures begin to kick in.

“He’s been sat in the bed, watching his friends and smiling away,” she said.

“This has been a real boost since his sister and grandparents are currently in isolation elsewhere so he can’t see them in person right now. On top of this, his friends have been sending little messages of support which have helped him on his way too. It really makes you realise what a great tool the internet can be at times like this.”

Speaking before the lockdown, Ms Burton said she has been overwhelmed by the community support she has received.

“Neighbours have been great as well - especially my mum’s next-door neighbour, just a few streets away. Furness folk are great at pulling together. People have been dropping off food at the doorstep.

“With it being a new virus, I’m still worried there’s a chance he could catch it again - we’re not out of the woods yet, by any means. But I’m not one to dwell on negatives and for now I’m just hoping that isolation is enough.”