THE MP for Barrow believes he has coronavirus.

Simon Fell said he has all the hallmark symptoms of the virus although he hasn't been tested.

Mr Fell said he was "much improved" when speaking from home on Sunday.

Earlier he tweeted: "Some news. On Friday afternoon, I started shivering to my bones and feeling feverish.

"By Friday night, I had a dry cough. It would seem that I have #Coronavirus.

"24 hours on, I am much improved. I am still shivering, and my skin feels tingly, like at the start of a flu, but I feel better - and certainly like I’m improving. I’ve been working throughout.

"So, if that’s it - two or three days of a fever, is it that bad? I say firmly, yes.

"Walking up stairs yesterday evening, it felt as if I had a tightening clamp on my chest.

"I had to stop twice before making it all the way up.

"At no point was a worried, but it immediately made me think of my own family and friends who are older and why this virus would be so difficult for them to manage and shake off.

"The government advice is sound - stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives.

"Sure, coronavirus might not be awful for me, but it really would be for many of my friends and family. So don’t risk it. Follow social distancing rules and remember to wash your hands. It will save lives."

His Conservative colleagues, Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Health Secretary Matt Hancock, revealed on Friday that they had tested positive for the virus.

Scottish Secretary Alister Jack is self-isolating after showing symptoms, as is the Prime Minister's chief medical officer Chris Whitty.

Labour MPs Lloyd Russell-Moyle and Kate Osborne, and Tory health minister Nadine Dorries have also been diagnosed with the virus.

Parliament has closed for one month to combat the spread of COVID-19. Commons leader Jacob Rees-Mogg said the "aim" was for MPs to return to work on April 21 but would "keep the situation under review in terms of medical advice".