YOU would be forgiven for thinking there is too much conflicting or ambiguous information about the Coronavirus crisis flying around at the moment.

The simple truth is, the less contact you have with others, the less chance you have of becoming infected.

That’s why if you have health conditions identified by the NHS as putting you at a higher risk, you should take heed and self-isolate for three months.

If you are over 70 you should also be self-isolating, but everyone should be keeping their two metres distance and staying indoors unless it is entirely necessary to go outdoors.

For all those people with health conditions identified by the NHS as putting you in the high risk category, and for all those older people over 70 Age UK South Lakeland can help with your shopping and prescription needs, or if you have any other issues – just call our Helpline.

Being isolated for prolonged periods, even if there is more than one in the household can be difficult.

Don’t forget to take regular exercise, eat well and healthily and keep hydrated.

Boredom can easily set in so if you feel lonely or you would like a good read but have read everything to hand, call us.

We have extended our telephone befriending service and can also provide you with as much reading material as you could ever need.

Our Helpline number is 030 300 30003.