A PAIR of rams went out for a stroll in a Lake District town when there was hardly anybody else around - causing mirth for residents on lockdown.

The animals took the opportunity to do a spot of sightseeing while Ambleside was virtually deserted.

A video showing them wandering along Lake Road in the direction of the town centre was posted to the ‘I love the Lake District’ Facebook page by resident Joe Gyéresi.

“I guess because it was more quiet, not cars on the road, they are a lot more brave to go to explore,” said Mr Gyéresi, who works at the Ambleside Park hotel.

“It’s very strange. Ambleside is supposed to be very busy now, this time of the year, so it’s very strange to see that it’s so empty, stores are shut, the pubs.”

Similar pictures of mountain goats invading the Welsh seaside town of Llandudno caused a stir on social media last week. They usually reside in Great Orme Country Park but were drawn to the town by the absence of people and cars on the streets. Images from passersby captured them sampling the local grass and scaling garden walls in place of rocky crags.

And, perhaps taking their cue from these early pioneers, the Ambleside ram raiders explored the town centre and nibbled on some bushes, being caught in the act by Mr Gyéresi.

Brian Hewitt, vice chairman of Lakes Parish Council, said he had never seen sheep wandering freely around the town in 40 years of being a resident there.

“Do you think they are lonely? They haven’t seen anybody on the fells,” he said.

“Do you think they are coming into town to see where everybody is?

“It’s funny isn’t it. As long as they don’t do any damage. I think it’s some light relief from all the nasties.”

It seems the rams were still wandering around a number of days after they were first caught on camera, with a resident in the Gale area of Ambleside, off Old Lake Road, saying she had spotted them having a feed in her neighbour’s garden before they went off to look for pastures new.