A RUNNER has bravely battled through some quite literally shocking setbacks to help raise almost £15,000 for the health service.

Jacob Snochowski suffered an electric shock when his treadmill broke halfway through a 12-hour run he was dedicating to a Kendal hospital surgeon who operated on him when he suffered a serious groin injury.

Then, when Mr Snochowski’s wife came to check on him, she suffered an electric shock too.

When he tried to fix the treadmill, he suffered another shock.

But, despite all of this, the Kendal health worker took to completing laps of his back garden and managed to finish his challenge.

Mr Snochowski, an assistant practitioner at St Mary’s Surgery in Windermere, tore his groin muscle last summer.

Westmorland General Hospital surgeon Paul Wilson operated on him last year.

Following the surgery, Mr Snochowski was so thankful he was inspired to set up the fundraiser - a 12-hour-long run at his home - which involved a collective of runners and donations from a number of different countries.

He says he got the idea from another ultra-runner who launched a similar initiative to raise money for the public health service in Spain.

The health worker ambitiously aimed to beat the world record of 152.5km. But on the day events did not quite go to plan.

“After about six hours and 40 minutes of continuous running - barring occasional breaks when nature called - and 71km completed, my treadmill suddenly broke, giving me an almighty electric shock in the process,” he said.

“My wife came downstairs after hearing the noise and, as she tried to help me, I accidentally gave her an electric shock too.”

Undeterred after suffering another shock while trying to repair the running machine, he took to completing laps of his back garden to finish the marathon fundraiser - covering an impressive 112.5km in total.

“At that point, I decided not to tempt fate any further,” he said.

“Luckily, it’s the treadmill is sitting there dead in the kitchen right now and not me.”