A KENDAL man who spat at a police officer has been jailed.

Scott Graham, of Town View, admitted to assaulting an emergency worker by spitting and a public order offence.

The actions of 32-year-old Graham may also result in officers having to be removed from duty while they have coronavirus tests carried out.

South Cumbria Magistrates' Court, Barrow, yesterday heard how Graham called the police on April 24 and threatened to attack and stab police officers.

Officers located Graham in the area of Town View. The defendant told them he had a knife on him and refused to comply with instructions.

Graham was eventually detained but deliberately spat at one of the officers, with the spit landing on their leg.

In his police interview, Graham said he could not recall his actions due to the alcohol he had consumed. After being shown body camera footage, he apologised for his behaviour.

Graham was sentenced to 56 days in prison.

Sergeant Paul Holmes said: "Nobody should have to face being spat at as they go about their work but, in the current climate, spitting at a police officer, or any other emergency worker, is particularly egregious.

“Anyone who assaults an officer in this way is potentially putting the officer's health at serious risk.

"Their actions will also likely result in the officers having to be withdrawn from their duties whilst testing is carried out to ensure they haven’t caught coronavirus as a result of being spat at.

“The courts are taking such behaviour extremely seriously, resulting in a prison sentence for this defendant.”