FACE-TO-FACE consultations at a GP surgery in Cumbria have come to a stop, following the news that staff had tested positive for coronavirus (Covid-19).

Appleby Medical Practice said it will be contacting anyone who may have come into contact with infected staff.

The surgery also said that, while it continues to provide a service through phone appointments, patients should seek other nearby practices if they need to be seen in person by a family doctor.

Temple Sowerby Medical was one suggestion made by the surgery.

A spokesperson for the practice said: "The issue was picked up quickly because of strict infection prevention measures and processes put in place to protect patients and staff, which have proved effective.

"The Practice is working with Public Health colleagues who emphasise that risks to patients are very low.

"They will be contacting everyone who may have had contact with anyone confirmed Covid positive with precautionary advice.

"This stresses the risks are low as the surgery team was following infection prevention processes, including exercising social distancing and wearing appropriate PPE."