THE bosses of a Lakes pub have said they won't be 'hypocrites' and are urging visitors to use their facilities.

In the wake of the easing of coronavirus lockdown restrictions many tourism bosses have called on visitors to stay away.

Locals are concerned a sudden influx of tourists will exacerbate the high infection rate in the county and have criticised visitors for coming to Cumbria.

However one hospitality leader is going against the grain and accused his peers of being hypocrites.

He branded the 'stay away' messages coming from others as being 'negative and unwelcoming'.

"We've displayed blackboards telling visitors that we love them, and inviting them to use the pub’s loos if they are in need and to park in the hotel’s car park," Loredan Gargalac, who runs the Cuckoo Brow at Faw Sawrey with his wife Mihaela, said.

Mr Gargalac, who is from Romania, has been manager of the pub for three years.

“Some Cumbrian residents dislike tourists,"he said.

"I think those people are selfish for wanting to keep the Lakes to themselves.

"They are bigoted for wanting to exclude outsiders.

"And they are hypocrites because as soon as the crisis is over they will be swarming over someone else’s space."

Police and Cumbria Tourism have called on tourists to stay away.

Cumbria Tourism said: "Cumbria’s health services are only resourced for the resident population which is around half a million with a large proportion of elderly people.

"We all have a responsibility – visitors, tourism businesses and residents – to follow official advice and help save lives."

Last week the Transport Secretary addressed the issue of camping holidays saying 'people have to stay in their own homes, and not stay over anywhere'.

Cumbria's Local Resilience Forum continues to stress that 'now is not the time to visit Cumbria and the Lake District'.

As a non-native, Mr Gargalac said he has fallen in love with Cumbria, and wants to 'share it with the world'.

He added: "The message we should be sending out is 'Yes, follow the government’s advice but you can travel to the Lake District, to enjoy our healthy air and beautiful scenery'. Any visitor to Far Sawrey will get a warm welcome."