THE South Lakes MP has led calls for the prime minster’s closest adviser to resign after suggestions he breached lockdown restrictions.

Boris Johnson’s chief advisor Dominic Cummings refused to apologise after it was revealed he travelled 260 miles from London to Durham in the height of lockdown in April.

Tim Farron, the Westmorland and Lonsdale MP, has called for both Mr Cummings and the PM to resign following the revelations.

But Mr Cummings, who faced journalists at a Downing Street press conference earlier this week, has refused to do so, arguing he needed to be near his extended family in the north east in case he was struck down with coronavirus and unable to look after his four-year-old son.

Mr Farron said: “Dominic Cumming’s resignation/sacking followed by sincere contrition would have enabled the PM to regain enough authority to steer us through the deadly Covid crisis.

“But now I seriously think the PM has to go. At this critical time he’s chosen loyalty to the elite over service to Britain.

“This shambles is killing confidence in the message and the messenger. Lives will be lost as a result. That’s why Cummings has to go.

“I had Covid 19 and I have kids too.

“Thousands of others have been in the same situation. We followed the guidelines that DC helped write to keep others safe. While he stays, the Government’s messages will be disdained and flouted - and people will die as a result.

Cllr Tom Harvey, the Conservative group leader on South Lakeland District Council, said: “There are really mixed views within the party. Some people have been extremely upset about the situation and a good number less so.

“Some are viewing it as a bit of a witch hunt by the press but I think generally the majority are a bit indifferent.

“I tend to think we are talking about someone who put the concerns for his family first and may not have acted within the spirit of the guidelines but didn’t act illegally, although I’m not in a position to say.”

Douglas Ross, a junior minister, resigned in protest.