BOWLERS from across Cumbria are now able to return to their greens after some clubs re-opened after following social distancing guidelines.

Abbot Hall, Burneside, Lindale, Netherfield and Victoria are among some of the first clubs that have been able to re-open to members.

Whilst the current times carry some restrictions regarding social distancing, many are grateful that the clubs are able to return.

Usually at this time of year, each club would be playing competitively.

The prospect of bowling now is limited to a sociable experience as each member follows the guidance which has been laid out by the British Crown Green Bowling Association.

Part of the guidance includes only two members allowed on the green, while they also must bring their own equipment.

Bowlers must also keep two metres apart, while they can either play alone or with other members of their household.

Members are the only ones permitted onto the green and can play with one other person from a different household.

Since the Government eased some of the restrictions applied during the coronavirus lockdown, particularly limitless exercise, some sport clubs around the country can reopen including golf clubs and croquet clubs.

Whilst limitless exercise allows some people to return to exercise it is always still vital to abide by social distancing for the safety of others.