A 16 year old inspired by Lady Gaga has raised over £1000 with his community project.

Toby Ryland from Flookburgh decided to collate a video of everything his community had been doing during lockdown.

The video on Youtube has raised over £1000 for East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust.

“Lady Gaga did an at home concert for everyone to watch and raised a lot of money, many millions for charity,” he said.

“I thought our village is doing so well at the moment, I thought I’ll put it in our community Whatsapp group.

“I put it in there saying if anyone would like to send me some things I can put it all together.

"I wanted to show everyone and get recognition for how well we've coped during this time."

When Toby shared the finished project on the Grange Now Facebook page, there was so much engagement someone suggested he link a fundraiser for the NHS.

In just a few weeks the fundraiser made its target and Toby has received a certificate of appreciation from the NHS Trust.

“It’s given me a lot of time to actually just sit down and think what’s going on and process it all.

“I think it’s brought us closer together.

“Loads of people sending me bits for the project and I didn’t even know them.

“Some of the stories you get a bit emotional.”

Toby has left school and hopes to enter the social care industry.

“I would like to start a Health and Social Care course at Kendal college, hopefully training to work in that kind of industry.”