SOUTH Lakes MP Tim Farron is calling on the Government to use daily press conferences this week to reinforce the Countryside Code – to respect, protect and enjoy the Lake District.

It comes after reports of mountains of litter being left around beauty spots, such as Coniston.

Images shared by Cumbria Police also showed dozens of cars left abandoned on the side of the busy A591 road at the weekend.

Authorities at the weekend also complained of 'inconsiderate parking' - which they say blocked emergency services vehicles - as well as litter, including abandoned disposable barbecues and fires.

Mr Farron says he is encouraging the Government to reinforce the Countryside Code through Public Health advertising.

Speaking today, he said: “As the lockdown rules begin to relax this week, of course we want to be in a position where we welcome people to visit Cumbria safely and responsibly.

“Sadly, though this morning my inbox is full of stories of a large minority of visitors showing a complete lack of respect for the local community, the local environment and the social distancing rules that are crucial in keeping everyone safe.

“So, I’m asking the Government to use their 5pm daily press conferences this week to reinforce the Countryside Code – Respect, Protect and Enjoy.

“That means not dumping your car on the side of the A591, it means not leaving tons of rubbish behind you, it means you behave sensibly and protect yourself and those around you by engaging in social distancing.

“Those measures have always been important, but are particularly important now and I hope the Government will back my call to make the Countryside Code something we all know about and all follow.”