A FULL rescue team and helicopter were called out to a man with a suspected broken femur in the Langstrath Valley.

A Keswick Mountain Rescue Team (KMRT) spokesman said KMRT was made aware of Sunday's incident at Black Moss Pot by Cumbria Police at around 6pm.

He said: "An injury of this nature is serious so there was a full team call out and helicopter assistance requested.

"To ensure sufficient social distancing between the team, three vehicles were dispatched and several members went direct to [nearby] Stonethwaite.

"Whilst en route to Black Moss Pot we could see the injured man had already walked, with assistance, around 1km.

"As a broken femur was unlikely the air ambulance was stood down."

The spokesman said pain relief was provided to the man, who then walked to a team vehicle at Keswick before being transported to an ambulance waiting at Stonethwaite.