A KENDAL-BORN triathlete has set a new record for cycling the equivalent of the height of Mount Everest.

Benjamin ‘Wilf’ Goodfellow, 24, has not only set a new UK record for the challenge, but his efforts were also published in the Everest hall of fame.

The Everesting challenge consists of cycling 8848m, the same as the height of the world's highest peak in the Himalayas.

Wilf completed the challenge in 9hr 47 mins on Gummer’s How, also known as Fell Foot Brow, beating the previous record of 11 hours.

The challenge required him to cycle up and down the hill 55 times.

"I only got into triathlon about four years ago and this was a great challenge to go for," said Wilf.

“I started at about 5am on Wednesday, May 27. The first half was relatively easy but after five hours and you reach the halfway point all of it hits you.

“Over the course of the 10 hours I took a few rests and water breaks.

“I was self-supported for the first 60 per cent of the challenge and then my family came out to support me, and a friend as well. They kept social distance of course.

“I finished at roughly two o’clock in the afternoon.

“I picked up triathlon about four or five years ago, starting with sprints and distance running. Sadly, all the races were cancelled this year but I wanted to keep myself in training.

“I plan to undertake the iron man challenge in September.

"However, it is questionable if that will go ahead for obvious reasons.

“Three weeks ago, on my 24th birthday, I decided to run a marathon equivalent around the Milnthorpe area.

"As soon as lockdown started, I wanted to get this done. Finding the actual venue to do it was important and the weather particularly was important.

“I picked the How on a week and a half’s notice to coincide with the weather.

“I found the hill had a good descent so there was less time spent breaking.

"It took about eight minutes to cycle up and two minutes to go back down. 80 per cent of the challenge was climbing.

"Gummer’s How matched the requirements the most. I wanted to get as much vertical gain from it, and less bends in the descent. Kendal Mint Co supplied me with some great energy products, and a company based in Wrexham called Fibrax Ltd supplied me with breaking components.”

Wilf now hopes to complete more triathlete challenges in the future.