Rubbish, including an entire tent and suitcase stuffed with items, was left in a Lake District beauty spot.

The items were found by Christine Kenyon from Glenridding and two other friends on a morning walk at Angle Tarn last weekend.

"It's quite upsetting. It's trying to understand that mindset," she said.

"That I can drag all this stuff up here, because somehow they got a wheely suitcase up, and I can just leave it and somebody else will pick it up.

"There were towels and socks, bits of tissue strewn about.

"I've lived here for 25 years and I've come across rubbish but nothing like this."

Ms Kenyon along with a friend she lives with and another they were meeting, discovered the pile of debris whilst hoping to go for a swim in the tarn.

She spoke of her shock at the sight and that it completely put them off continuing their day's plan.

"Unfortunately we didn't have enough room to bring anything back down as we had swimming gear," said Ms Kenyon.

"But we are looking to go back up and bring it down.

"I think you'll need about six people to bring it all down, we didn't have anything like protective gloves.

"It was a shock at first but now we know what we're going up to do we would take the necessary stuff with us to do the job."

Ms Kenyon has reported the rubbish to The National Park Authority.

"I have reported it to The National Park Authority, but I haven't heard anything back yet," she said.

A friend of Ms Kenyon's ,Chris Hodgson, who runs Haven Cottage in Ambleside, shared the images on Twitter.

"I asked if I could use the pictures as I thought others would be interested in seeing it," he said.

"This is happening all over the Lake District and not just the Lake District. It's happening all over the country.

"It's by no means unique to The Lakes."

Twitter users expressed their frustration and pure bafflement as to why people would do such a thing.