A PARK in Ulverston was overflowing with litter after summer sunshine -despite a call for people to take their rubbish home.

Cans, bottles and rubbish were left strewn all around Ford Park after Thursday’s heatwave brought crowds of people to the popular Ulverston hotspot.

The park announced on Tuesday that it was forced to close its gates at 9pm each night as large groups continue to ‘abuse’ the site.

The group of individuals gathering at the park have been described as disruptive, breaking social distancing rules and putting other people at risk.

Jill Salmon, chief executive of Ford Park Community Group, said volunteers are regularly having to clear up the rubbish left behind by park-goers.

She said: “Unfortunately, there are people abusing the park and potentially putting people at risk.

“We’re working with the police who are patrolling the park and have supportive volunteers clearing up any rubbish. We don’t want to have to close off the park.”