DURING the current Covid 19 Emergency, the Community of The Two Valleys (Lyth and Winster) have formed a support group.

THERE is a team of willing volunteers able to offer help to anyone of any age who may need it.

This may be a listening ear, regular phone calls, practical help with shopping and collecting medication, setting up laptops, tablets and phones to enable people to engage with social media, maintain social contact, or anything else that people are unable to do, or need to do, as a result of taking precautions against the spread of the virus.

The group is being co-ordinated by Rev. Michael Woodcock.

Whether you need help now, or if you live alone and think you may need help in the future, should you become ill, please ring this number: 015395 68276

(Apologies for any confusion caused by the error in the published number last week)

In addition to the very successful pop up shop and pizza service operating in the car park of the Village Hall each Tuesday between 5.30 and 6.30pm, a mobile chip van is now operating on Mondays from 5-7pm.

ROOF repairs to the village hall are to be carried out during July.

This work will require the erection of scaffolding and may involve closure or limitation of use of the car park, especially when scaffolders and roofers are working.

The Committee would appreciate your consideration in avoiding use of the car park during this period. Notices will be placed on site to advise on the dates the work is to be carried out.

Although lock down restrictions are being eased all the time, the types of activities normally carried out in the hall cannot resume due to the continuing ban on mass gatherings and social distancing requirements, however some activities may be able to resume safely, so please do not hesitate to contact Booking Secretary Kath Edwards on 015395 68879 if you are planning a future event, or the resumption of an existing group.

Internal decorating will also be taking place during July, and it is most important that ANYONE entering the hall for any reason should let the booking Secretary know, for health and safety reasons as ladders etc will be in use, and preferably in advance.

A sign in sheet will be left in the kitchen, as painters and roofers will be in the building and using the facilities.

These need to be properly disinfected afterwards to keep both workers and residents as safe as possible.

The Committee view this time of relaxation of rules as a potential risk factor, as the virus lives a long time on hard surfaces like door handles and work tops and would appreciate your support in this.

It’s worth noting that there are 20 key holders, so it is important that the committee are able to monitor all activity in the hall, however brief the visit.