AFTER repeated instances of vandalism and anti-social behaviour, efforts are being made to keep Kendal’s playing pitches secured from trespassers.

The Kendal United Football Club and Millennial Committee members are trying to secure the Millennial and Jubilee playing fields from the nearby Sainsburys in order to prevent people damaging the grounds.

Committee Chairman, and Ibis secretary Tim Auden said: “We are trying to secure our sites. It is supposed to be a private sports ground that we are the trustees of.

“We were in touch with Sainsbury's when they first developed the site, and as a token gesture they were willing to put some fencing up. But it was only partial and low key, and it hasn’t really stopped anyone. There is some screening around their premises, but not much between them and the sports ground. Most of it got trampled down. The fencing used was just green picking wire which got bent out of shape within the first few weeks, and in some spots has just been completely removed.

“It’s the mix of youths and dog walkers who are causing some of the issues. There are a lot of routes around the field, but we need everyone to try and solve this. We’d certainly like to have a move proactive talk with them. We are only a charity, but I hope they can help us maintain our site for everyone to enjoy.”

“The plans would be to completely fence the whole field, repairs are constantly being undertaken by ourselves to the existing fences using pallet, wire and cut down trees and bushes but on each occasion these are then just vandalised and removed.”

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson said, “We’re grateful this matter was brought to our attention and can confirm our facilities team are looking into it.”