A FITNESS fanatic has recalled how her brain had to be 'reset' after suffering a seizure while running.

Nicky Ridley, who suffers from epilepsy, travelled with husband Chris to the Lakes to take part in an ultramarathon.

During the venture, the 41-year-old suddenly collapsed after suffering multiple seizures and required urgent medical attention.

“I remember setting off going up towards Load Pot fell and we’d overtaken the three people that actually stopped to help me," said Nicky, from Milnthorpe.

“I don’t remember much after looking behind and seeing these three people.

“I remember waking up in hospital and people saying that I’d collapsed, and I’d had lots of seizures.

“I was diagnosed with epilepsy about ten years ago. I’d been seizure free about eight years, but we don’t know what’s triggered this one off.”

A local mountain rescue team was travelling to the scene to assist Nicky but due to the isolated rural location they were unable to reach her in time.

The Great North Air Ambulance Service (GNAAS) was called in to attend the incident and reached Nicky soon after.

It took the critical care team nine minutes to be flown from their base at Langwathby and landed near Load Pot fell where Nicky had collapsed.

Nicky said: “I was in a coma for about two days in hospital while tests were carried out and they needed to try and reset my brain.

“Nine weeks later I seizures again and spent two weeks in Lancaster but I’m slowly getting there.”

Since the incident Nicky has promised to fundraise through ultra-marathons - once the lockdown is over.

She added: “My running partner Laura and I had plans to run a 30-50-mile loop round the Lakes in April, then the Lakeland 50 in July, the London Marathon and Lakes in a day in October.

“I think what they did for me was amazing.

"I think so many people just need to donate to things like this because it’s a wonderful charity.

“I’m fundraising to help provide anything that these guys need to provide care for people in situations that they need help in.”

For donations to go greatnorthairambulance.co.uk/support-us/donations/.