The Brewery Arts Centre has revealed plans on how they will reopen to the public.

Last Friday the centre, which has been a part of the Kendal community for over 40 years, revealed they would be reopening in September.

“We’ll be doing our best to make sure people have an even better experience than ever but in a very safe way,”said CEO Miriam Randall.

“We’ll be making more announcements over the next couple of months as our plans take shape.”

The Brewery has installed contactless ticketing, doors and taps and have implemented new routes through the building, as well as extra training for staff.

“We know that we can open our cinema and we can open our classes and we can have our cafe and bar open again,” said Ms Randall.

“What’s uncertain is the live performances, because there’s no safe way of doing that at the moment.”

Despite the closure, the Brewery has still been busy with renovations and providing online content for the public to enjoy.

“We’re upgrading our arts studios and we’re creating two new creative workshops,”said Ms Randall.

“We’re adding digital equipment and we’ll be hosting more film making and animation, alongside traditional subjects such as pottery and craft.

“During lockdown we’ve been continuing with our creative learning program.

“We’ve been doing those online and we thought it was really important because learning and education is at the heart of what we do and we’re very committed to supporting young, older and vulnerable groups in the community.”

Classes have involved dance, painting, theatre, craft and much more. The Brewery has also been hosting online meetings with their senior theatre company, ‘Act Your Age’.

“They went really well, we felt we were getting great comments from students and families saying it was providing a lifeline during lockdown,” said Ms Randall.

Whilst not providing financial aid the classes have kept the community connected to the centre.

“People have been very kind and our funders have been very supportive, the arts council and the local council," said Ms Randall.

“But 85 per cent of our funding comes from live events and catering and venue hire.

“The creative learning has seen donations but the real value has been the community engagement.”

On welcoming visitors back Ms Randall added: "We're looking forward to it."