SILVERDALE Fire Brigade have been creating simulated accidents as part of their monthly training in preparation for Covid’s end.

During the month of July, the fire service will create simulated traffic collisions as part of exercises designed to train fire fighters to deal with accidents.

The training included basics in vehicle stabilisation, casualty handling, glass management & door removal using dedicated cutting equipment.

The fire service Senior Communications Officer Richard Edney said: “Each month, our on-call firefighters have a set training theme to follow during their drill nights once a week.

“This month it is road traffic collisions that firefighters are focusing on and the training will ensure that on-call firefighters’ skills are maintained.

“The drills will entail cutting roofs off cars to simulate rescuing someone trapped in the car.

“Due to COVID restrictions, despite what it says on the Facebook post, we aren’t allowing members of the public on to the station.

“However, if people are interested in joining the service as an on-call firefighters they can visit our website for more information.”

Lancashire Fire & Rescue service is also currently recruiting until July 10.