AN OFSTED inspection has described the pupils at a Cumbrian school as ''thriving' in every area.

The kids at Tebay Primary School have been rated as succeeding in all areas of examination in a recent school inspection report.

Inspectors were full of praise for children and staff at Tebay where pupils live up to the high expectations for their achievement and personal development.

The school, which is also part of Cumbria Education Trust (CET), was also given an overall Good rating by inspectors.

The inspectors found that the Pupils model the school’s values of respect, responsibility and resilience, that the curriculum ‘excites and engages’ children who enjoy learning and that supportive older pupils were going the extra mile to help the younger ones.

In their report, inspectors said: “Pupils are happy and thrive at Tebay, which is at the heart of this rural community.

"Parents and carers recognise the caring environment as a real strength of this small school.”

Headmaster Lisa Bland said: “We are very pleased that the outcome reflects not only the hard work of staff but the support of the fantastic community that the school lies within and of course our amazing children, parents and LAB members.”

CET’s Director of Primary Education Chris Wilkins said: “What stands out to me all the way through the report is that the school is providing an excellent curriculum for the children.

"It meets their needs; it’s matched to their experience and is enabling them to thrive.

“Staff are providing families a gem of a school that impacts not only on the children and their learning but on the parents and the wider community as well.

"It’s wonderful the village has got a school of which it can be proud.”

This has not been the first instance where the school has been praised by reviewers.

A previous report stated: “Teachers and support staff model well their expectations of children’s behaviour and attitudes. As a result, children learn to respect each other and the adults around them.”

The multi-academy Cumbria Education Trust (CET) is responsible for the education of almost 4,000 students across three secondary and six primary schools.