HAIRDRESSERS were back in business on Saturday, and it appears many were swamped as people across the region looked to tame their unruly locks following months of growth.

The Gazette contacted a number of salons and barbers across South Lakeland and found them to be incredibly busy almost without exception.

Alex Toubas, owner of Toubas @ The Smithy, Kirkby Lonsdale, found a brief moment in his busy schedule to describe business.

He said he was working extra hours to accommodate the post-lockdown rush.

“Starting at half seven, working till six, and by the time I have washed the towels, washed the gowns, it’s 8 o’clock before I have finished,” said Mr Toubas, 61, who works alone.

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying it. I have had a long break like everybody else. It’s good to get the customers back. I loved it, coming in the first day.

“It’s great because it’s a long time to be off. It confirmed that I’m definitely not ready to retire.

“I love my job. Lots of lovely customers and you don’t realise how much you miss them.”

Mr Toubas has implemented a number of measures to help limit the spread of coronavirus. Gowns are washed after each use, equipment is disinfected and little measures like having customers hang up their own jackets help to limit the contact - where possible - between Mr Toubas and his clients.

Mr Toubas said he had spread his bookings out to give himself enough time to ensure guidelines were being properly adhered to.

“I wouldn’t say I was worried [prior to opening],” he said. “You’re not worried, you just think ‘I have got to be on the ball.’”