The ‘Year of Revolutions’ in Europe came in 1848.

Virtually every nation was beset by uprisings, including Ireland, but - not quite - England.

Even so, English Chartists rioted throughout the land while clamouring for supporters to sign a Charter petitioning Parliament for political reforms.

Their aims included introducing a system of one man, one vote (but not for women), annual parliaments and a secret ballot during elections.

Local opposition to these allegedly revolutionary ideals was led by The Westmorland Gazette, which sneered: “Chartism in Kendal has been very little countenanced by some half a dozen ignorant and idle fellows, whose views are extremely limited and whose department in society is contemptible.

“We have to request that they desist from their wild and most destructive opinions and desire the respectable inhabitants to reflect upon the superficial political principles which guide these ‘creatures.’

“There exists combined power and force able, willing and ready to prostate those evil disposed people who desire to raise sedition in the country and neighbourhood.”