Lockdown left many of us with too much time on our hands and not all of us managed to find a way to use it wisely.

The same can't be said for Jennifer Mayor, however, who not only managed to keep herself busy, but made sure plenty of young people stayed active.

She has been running Jennifer's Dancers for 14 years and under normal circumstances, Beck Community Centre in Kendal would be one of the places she would be running her classes.

Instead, Jennifer has been putting on her classes online via Facebook and Zoom and has worked hard to keep the kids involved motivated and upbeat during a difficult time.

On being nominated for Bouquet of the Week, Jennifer, who lives in Bolton-le-Sands near Carnforth, said: "It's really nice that the parents and the kids have appreciated it because at times it has been so, so tough to keep it going.

"You're usually feeding off a class of about 20 children and then you're just feeding off a phone screen or a computer screen, so it's been very difficult.

"But if I've known that the kids are enjoying it and they're getting something out of it then it's spurred me on to keep going."

Jennifer has recently been able to start taking classes outside again (weather permitting and with restricted numbers), having built up her dance school via classes in Carnforth, Lancaster, Hest Bank and Kendal.

The classes have been credited by parents for helping their child's mental and physical health and the aim is to build up to performing in a show in November.

Jennifer said: "We had our big annual show booked in for April and it couldn't go ahead, obviously. They work all year for that show and I didn't want to tell them that it had been cancelled.

"What we've done is carry on the normal lessons online and we've been practicing - we've even done a dress rehearsal one time on Zoom, which was quite funny."

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