COUNCILLOR praises town for its behaviour during the weekend as pubs reopen.

Kirkby Lonsdale Councillor Allan Muirhead has credited the people of the town for conducting themselves safely and sensibly as the lockdown was eased.

Allan said: "I think everyone has conducted themselves really well throughout all of this. Everyone behaved themselves.

"People reacted with enjoyment, but sensibly as well.

"It's good to see us getting nearer to normal again.

"Any kind of excesses on Saturday were really minor, and understandable as everyone was relieved to get out of their homes and back to the social atmosphere.

"Nothing serious happened thankfully.

"There was a good feeling in the town and people were glad to see each other. Businesses were happy to get back into the game and did their jobs very well.

"The Royal Barn has been serving takeaway drinks, the Orange Tree has opened, Platos is opening shortly. We have a good feeling for our future."