A SMOKE-FILLED plane ride and 14-hour delay did not stop a couple from enjoying the best day of their lives.

Jean Hoffman, 35, from Pennsylvania, USA, and Michael Bowtell, 35, from Yorkshire, crossed continents to be together in a trans-Atlantic match.

Despite a tumultuous flight over, the couple tied the knot at Silverholme Manor House next to Windermere. in front of 30 of their closest friends and family.

“We had a nightmare of a trip over,” Mrs Bowtell said.

“There was smoke on the plane so we had to land in Canada and were stuck there for 14 hours.

“I had a bit of a mental breakdown thinking we might miss the wedding but it all worked out.”

Mrs Bowtell described the big day as ‘flawless’.

“It was a really small, intimate wedding day,” Mrs Bowtell said.

“We decided to tie the knot there because Michael had a slightly bigger number than mine so chose the Lakes.

“Both families fit inside Silverholme House which was great because they got to know each other.

“We got married in front of the lake and one of my husband’s closest friends officiated the marriage.

“My husband surprised me with a song on his guitar all about our relationship which was beautiful.

“Everything was just flawless, there was such positive energy around - everyone had a great time.”

The pair, who both work in the pharmaceutical industry, met seven years ago at work where they became firm friends.

The now Mrs Bowtell said: “We were both in other relationships at the time and when those ended, he went travelling for a year and that’s when we got talking.

“We started to chat a lot and then began dating.

“We’re very different in a lot of ways: I’m very headstrong and blunt, and he’s calm and steady so we balance each other.

“He’s a people person that everyone loves.”

The pair were travelling between continents to be together in the early stages of their relationship.

“He was working in the London office and I was still in the States so we were travelling frequently to be together,” Mrs Bowtell said.

“He’s always said he would love to live in the States so that’s where we decided to live after we got married.”

It was during a romantic trip to Costa Rica where the couple took their relationship to the next level.

Mrs Bowtell said: “We had been dating for a year and were staying at a volcano in Costa Rica.

“One morning, we went onto the deck to watch the sunrise and he got down on one knee and proposed.

“I’m amazed he was able to keep it a secret.”