CUMBRIA Wildlife Trust invites you to join them on another one-day recording event in your garden - this time recording any pollinating insects you can see .

It takes place on Friday, July 17 and the Trust are asking you take a photo of any insects you find that day feeding on flowers, whether in your garden or on a walk in the park, and to upload your pictures onto the iNaturalist app.

There will be a team of experts on hand to verify your recordings between 9.30am-4.30pm, but you can upload your photos at any point during the day. The idea is to record as many different insects as possible.

Lucy Graham, Project Officer for the Get Cumbria Buzzing project said: “We all know bees are great pollinators, but so are many species of moth, butterfly, hoverfly, fly and beetle.

"Sadly our pollinating insects are in trouble - their numbers have fallen dramatically.

"The valuable information from this one-day survey will help inform us on the best ways to support pollinating insects across the county.”

Details of the event and how to download the app can be found here.