BORIS Johnson has said he will 'give what support he can' to an £8bn bridge across Morecambe Bay.

The prime minister responded to a question from the Barrow MP, Simon Fell, who said building the tidal barrage across the Bay would help launch a ‘green revolution’ and bring thousands of jobs to the area.

Mr Johnson described the bridge as an ‘attractive idea’ when asked by Mr Fell at Prime Minister’s Questions.

Conservative MP Mr Fell said: “Off the Cumbrian coast, we have an opportunity to steal a march with a tidal barrage that would supply five per cent of the UK’s energy needs in a green, sustainable way.

“It would leave a legacy of jobs in Copeland, Barrow-in-Furness and Workington—7,000 jobs.

“It would allow us to connect communities that have a terrible transport network at the moment with a shiny new bridge and it would allow us to build, build, build our way into a green revolution.

“Will the prime minister agree to meet me and my Cumbrian colleagues to explore this deal further?”

Responding in the Commons, Mr Johnson said: “I am grateful to my honourable friend for bringing that attractive idea to my attention.

“I know that several projects are being considered along the Cumbrian coast. I would advise him, first, to get in touch with my right honourable friend the secretary of state for business, energy and industrial strategy to see what he can do to take it forward, and I will give what support I can.”