Our guide to all the latest soap action...

Coronation Street (ITV)

Elaine introduces herself to Sally as Tim's mum and reveals she never wanted to abandon her son, but felt it was the only way she could escape Geoff's evil clutches. Sally advises her not to give up on Tim, certain he will eventually see the truth.

Later, as Elaine looks for her son, Geoff confronts her and there's a stand-off in the ginnel. Faye witnesses it and he claims the newcomer is insane, insisting that his first wife is dead.

Sally, meanwhile, tries to make Tim see through his father's lies. Just when it seems she might be getting somewhere, Geoff maintains his story, somehow convincing him that he's telling the truth.

Gary discharges himself from hospital and considers fleeing Weatherfield. Instead he sticks around and promises not to raise the factory rent, which instantly makes Maria suspect he's hiding something. Adam also smells a rat.

Abi is distraught about the twins leaving the country, while Leanne struggles to cope with Oliver's needs but urges Toyah to begin the fostering process.

Emmerdale (ITV)

Priya understandably wants answers when she catches Sarah snooping around Holdgate, but instead of offering apologies or an explanation, the teenager simply snatches Priya's phone and runs off.

While Charity checks Priya's texts - and comes to the realisation her granddaughter has got it wrong - Sarah shows Noah the jewellery she also took from Holdgate. Priya realises her ring is missing but Al keeps quiet about the fact that his bracelet has also disappeared, leaving his girlfriend confused when Sarah later returns it with the rest of her haul.

Harriet tracks Malone down to the station, supposedly to confront him about Will, but the corrupt cop suggests that really, she just can't keep away from him.

Tracy and Nate are forced to asks themselves some big questions when they go to the hospital to get her wrist checked out - and discover she's pregnant.

Gabby is hurt to learn that Bernice is staying in Australia, which also leaves Mandy fearing for the future of the salon, and Victoria hides her feelings as she encourages Luke to go on a date with Amy.

Home and Away (C5)

The Paratas made a big impact on Summer Bay when they first arrived a few months ago. Unfortunately, the town seems to have left nothing more than a sour taste in their mouths.

Now, after Colby makes it clear he suspects they had more to do with baby Grace's accidental kidnapping than they're letting on, they decide enough is enough, pack their bags and get set to return to New Zealand. Is this really the last we'll see of the family?

They're not the only ones scandalised by the kidnapping. Jasmine wastes no time telling Tori how disgusted she is about what happened and finds out what legal rights she may have to the baby; Leah and Justin would prefer her to leave well alone.

Alf proves to be a friend indeed when he helps Ryder cope with life without Evan before turning his attention to Marilyn, who is struggling to deal with John's situation. Ben and Maggie, meanwhile, make a big decision about their future.

Neighbours (C5)

Karl becomes increasingly concerned about Jane, who refuses to be truthful with Paul about the state of her marriage.

Unable to let matters lie, the medic rings her daughter Nicolette who, despite being estranged from her mother, hot foots it to Erinsborough. Their reunion isn't, sadly, a success, although Chloe is on hand to offer comfort when the newcomer decides to drown her sorrows.

Emmett reacts violently to his inability to complete a school quiz. His older brother Brent also arrives; Aaron would like to take him on too, but David worries they might not be able to cope with both of them.

Levi asks Clive to help him organise a family barbecue which gets off to a frosty start, but soon warms up thanks to an amusing anecdote about Kyle.

Later, Sheila reveals a dark secret she's been keeping for years and when Shane lets Nell down, Dipi - with help from Pierce - steps in to save the day.