AN ULVERSTON Police Officer is soon to retire after serving on the force for more than three decades.

Sergeant Rupert Johnston revealed he was going to step down from his role at a meeting of Ulverston Town Council after a 30-year career with Cumbria Police.

His last 18 years were spent serving the Ulverston area.

Sergeant Johnston will officially leave the force on September 11 this year.

He will carry on his duties up until his last day with the Police Force.

Ulverston Cllr David Webster, who served with Rupert as an officer, said: “He was a great officer and when he became a Sergeant, he did a very good job over the years.

“I have known you for around 13 years as a friend and we have had some great memories.

“We really appreciate that he came to do the updates at our meetings and on behalf of all of the council I would like to say thank you and wish him all the best in your retirement.

“He’s done an excellent service for the Ulverston area and he will be missed. On behalf of the council we thank him heartily for his service. He has performed exceptionally well, attended council meetings, and kept us informed of everything taking place in Ulverston.”

Sergeant Johnston has been a mainstay at Town Council meetings for many years and is appreciated by all the councillors for his hard work and dedication to improving this area in South Cumbria.

At the July meeting, he said: “This will be my last meeting giving an update on the recent figures for Ulverston as the next meeting is in September. I’ve been a police constable in Ulverston for 18 years and I would like to say thank you for your support.”