WHILE the Coronavirus lockdown has undeniably had an effect on every one of us in some shape or form, care home residents have been some of the hardest hit, and are still subject to stringent restrictions.

Care homes look after some of the most vulnerable in society who have very little contact with society externally, and are therefore very reliant on visitors to keep them connected and provide much needed reassurance and social contact.

With staff members under increasing amounts of pressure, and with very limited guidance having been provided for them to date, residents have been left with little to no external interaction - the consequences of which are devastating for their emotional and mental wellbeing. Significant deterioration in the condition of residents has been noted by many care homes.

While it has very recently been announced that visiting restrictions can be lifted slightly, it is thought that this is limited to just one consistent visitor for the foreseeable future. This is leaving families with agonising decisions to make, and will likely cause further distress for many.

If you know someone residing a care home at the moment, why not show them you are thinking of them? Passing on a message to them, writing a letter or making a card may just make someone’s day. In fact it may just be the ray of light that will help see them through the coming weeks. Passing on gratitude to the care home staff at this difficult time will also mean more than we often imagine. Let’s all take some action, as far as we can, to make the lives of others a little brighter.